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paganpaths's Journal

Pagan Paths
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Pagan Paths


Merry meet and Welcome to paganpaths, a community gathering together all of us who consider ourselves followers of the "Pagan" ways. This community is meant for anyone interested in Paganism in general, and anyone is more than welcome to join, but I kindly ask you to follow the following guidelines in order to maintain a warm and respectful atmosphere within the community.


An' ye harm none, do what thou wilt

I. Be polite and respectful towards all members. Never bash anyone's views or tradition even if you did not entirely agree with them. Anyone interested in Paganism as a religious path is allowed to join this community regardless of previous experience, so please be kind towards those who are still new to the path. (In fact, I consider myself one of them!)

II. Try to stay on topic. This community is about Paganism as a religious path; however, discussion on other religions is welcome as well. However, I ask you to maintain the Pagan viewpoint.

III. Pay attention to your language. This simply means writing in a clear, understandable manner (e.g. avoiding "leet speak" or excessive use of abbreviations). I also ask you to refrain yourself from the (excessive) use of profanities. I do not support censorship and we are not "grammar nazis" here, but use of common sense is encouraged. ;)

IV. No promoting unless it's related to Paganism. This is simply to keep the community on topic and the emphasis on discussion. I do not wish it to become a common bulletin board.

V. Place large images under an lj-cut. Click here to learn how to use the cut.

VI. Try to keep your entries friends-only. This is simply to keep trolls from invading the community.

VII. Enjoy and have fun!


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